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“We are really excited to work with Thomas Savre, who I’ve been a huge fan of at Lingua Franca and equally impressed with his prior tenure at Domaine Dujac and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. As talented a winemaker as he is, he’s even a better human being. So, we wanted to collaborate with him on a high-end Chardonnay that shows his amazing skill.” — Channing Frye

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Wine being pouring into a glass
Thomas Savre, Director of Winemaking at Lingua Franca, Channing Frye, owner at Chosen Family Wines and Jacob Gray, Partner at Chosen Family Wines, toasting in front of wine barrels.

Chosen’s newest collaboration with Lingua Franca Estate for our new high end Chardonnay comes as the result of the partnership with acclaimed winemaker Thomas Savre. 

Sourced from the Lingua Franca Estate in the Eola Amity Hills, it is a sophisticated wine with a rich, textural complexity.

Thomas Savre, Director of Winemaking at Lingua Franca
Chosen Family and Lingua Franca Collaboration Chardonnay Label

Lingua Franca

2021 Chardonnay 

“Lingua Franca refers to a universal language that can bring people from diverse backgrounds together sharing a moment of pleasure. It was the language of diplomacy and brought people together from diverse cultures. Lingua Franca also means to “speak frankly,” directly, just as our wines aim to speak directly of their terroir, their place.” 

— Larry Stone, Thomas Savre, Dominique Lafon and the team at Lingua Franca