2018 Pinot Noir - One Barrel Challenge

2018 Pinot Noir
One Barrel Challenge

This wine is a Pinot with Power! A warmer vintage loads this wine with intense bramble fruit (think Blackberry and Marionberry). The fruit is framed by notes of forest floor, leather, and beautiful acidity. Aged 20 months in a once-fill barrel.

100% of proceeds go to the Maurice Lucas Foundation, a Portland-based organization whose commitment is to provide educational opportunities for marginalized communities.

This bottle is a collaboration between seven wineries in the Willamette Valley that are on a mission to make the wine industry more inclusive. Want the whole collection? Learn more at One Barrel Challenge.

Our Collection

we make wines that capture a rare moment in time.

Our Story

Each bottle is a special symphony of a time, region, technique, and unique barrel select that reflects the distinct palette of our chosen family.

When we look back, good wine has been at the center of so many of our great conversations. During a recent Chosen Family meal we were talking about time and how it’s one of our most precious commodities - and how important it is to spend it well, surrounded by the people that matter most.

We believe in doing things the right way, with purpose, respect, and compassion. We believe in taking time to celebrate the best life has to offer, and we believe in giving the best you’ve got. It’s what brought us where we are today and what continues to bring us back together.

Chosen Family Wines is the culmination of that effort. We invite you to take a seat at our table, and toast to the greatness in the world. Ultimately, we invite you to drink great wine, in great moments.

We exist to connect you with some of the best wines imaginable, with a promise that what you are drinking is cultivated with care.

Join us on this journey, and enjoy this wine - because it is made by friends, for friends.

Channing, Chase, Jacob, and Kevin

A collage of the team making wine.
chosen exists to connect people to each other, and the best life has to offer, through wine.

Our Family

Channing Frye

Channing Frye

NBA Champion, Husband, Father of 4, Foodie, Wine Connoisseur and everyone's favorite teammate.

“This is a passion project. I get excited talking about this every day. In my office at home, I have my championship ring, and then right next to it is my first Chardonnay and Pinot Noir bottles. The three things that for me, outside of my family, I’m the most proud of.”

Kevin Love

Kevin Love

A champion on and off the court, Kevin goes through life "relentlessly curious without fear or prejudice" and is beyond excited to share his wine journey at Chosen Family Wines with the world!

Chase Renton

Chase Renton

Husband, Winemaker, grape farmer, golfer, Italy enthusiast and all around good dude.

“Making wine is something that I love on so many different levels and Chosen Family Wines has made a lot of those passions collide all at once. Creating a wine brand with your friends and having the opportunity to think outside the box is exciting. I can’t wait for people to try these wines and to follow our collective journey!”

Jacob Gray

Jacob Gray

Business strategy extraordinaire, Husband, Father, the guy that keeps Chosen Family Wines running smoothly.

“Time is the commodity we have the least of so use it wisely. Surround yourself with all the things that make you happy. Wine will just make it better. We’ve been lucky enough to eat great food, drink great wine and have amazing people in our lives, but that’s what we want for other people. I think the ability for us to share something that creates those moments is what we are looking for.”

Our Collaborators

L’Angolo Estate property image

L’Angolo Estate

L’Angolo Estate is a family winery built by the idea, "Follow your passion." This passion is hyper-focused on producing some of the best wines in the world off their 20 acre Estate vineyard, without compromise of environmental health or transparency of Terroir.

Learn more about L’Angolo Estate
A building at Granville Wine Co.

Granville Wine Co.

Nourishment and care for the land are made apparent in the wine produced at the Holstein Estate Vineyard. Their organic farming techniques eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides and allow for a holistic approach to their wine-making methods.

Learn more about Granville Wine Co.
Two wines from Hazelfern Cellars

Hazelfern Cellars

From a basement in Portland to a farmhouse in the Chehalem Mountains, Hazelfern Cellars has grown to become one of the best wineries in the Willamette Valley. The Laing family wishes for their wine to not only be paired with delicious food, but as well as the memorable stories that unavoidably come with good music and great company.

Learn more about Hazelfern Cellars
A collection of wines from One Barrel Challenge

One Barrel Challenge

The One Barrel Challenge symbolizes a collective dream of making our beloved wine industry more accessible and inclusive regardless of color, class, or creed. The One Barrel Challenge was brought to life by a group of like-minded wineries with the goal to create one-of-a-kind wines while pledging 100% of those proceeds to make sure that everyone who dreams of participating in the Wine Industry is given that opportunity.

Learn more about One Barrel Challenge