Hazelfern Cellars & Chosen Family

Ultra-Rare Collaboration Wines

“Owners Bryan and Laura are trendsetters. They are amazing artists when it comes to wine and are always breaking the mold with every bottling. Whether it’s a Tempranillo or the Syrah that we collaborate on, they are a fantastic couple and we are blessed to be able to work with them.” — Channing Frye


hazelfern cellars

Bottle of Chosen Family Wines collaboration with Hazelfern Cellars on a wine barrel table with two glasses.
Channing Frye and Kevin Love talking at a counter

Hazelfern is owned by a passionate husband and wife winemaking team focused on producing delicious wines and providing an exceptional and unique Oregon wine tasting experience in the Hazelfern wine barn.

Our Hazelfern x Chosen Family Collab Syrah, harvested from the Les Collines Vineyards, is a memento of the terroir of Walla Walla. 

Hand holding bottle of Chosen Family Wine collaboration With Hazelfern Cellars in front of vineyards
Chosen Family Wine label With Hazelfern Syrah

Hazelfern Cellars

2020 Syrah, Hazelfern

“You only get one life and we’re absolutely living for right now! That is the spirit behind Hazelfern. We refuse to be held back by fear, by golden handcuffs, and the heavy feeling of other people’s expectations. We’re so grateful to wake up everyday and work our asses off pursuing our passion.”

— Bryan Laing, Hazelfern winemaker