Chosen Family Wines

The Swirl Suite Podcast Channing Frye episode promo

Channing On The Swirl Suite Podcast

Channing Frye was interviewed by The Swirl Suite. Listen along as Channing discusses his passion project, Chosen Family Wines.

The Swirl Suite is a wine podcast led by four black women in the wine industry. Join Sarita, Tanisha, Leslie and Glynis as they highlight what is involved in working in the wine industry and living in wine. The Swirl Suite has sipped with industry icons such as winemaker Andre Mack of Mouton Noir and wine importer, Selena Cuffe of Heritage Link Brands. Follow us @SwirlSuite: Sarita @VineMeUp Tanisha @GirlMeetsGlass Glynis @Vino_Noire Leslie @Vino301Wine